Vehicle industry – commercial vehicles

Seals for commercial vehicles

Based upon the application profiles the predominant used compounds are EPDM-compounds because of their excellent ozone- , ageing-and weather-resistance. In case of requirements concerning oil and gasoline–resistance NBR/CR-compounds are recommended.

Especially in the cabin areas we offer a wide range of  tailor-made combinations of profiles and moulded parts to support you in reducing defective environmental factors.

High grade EPDM-profiles enable a flexible application even in cases of high temperature variations  (-35° to + 120° C.).

A coextrusion combining a soft sponge rubber area (sealing area) and a hard dense rubber area (fitting area) is state of the art for us. A surface refinement by means of our high grade and permanent slip-coating systems lead to reduction of friction and freeze protection. 

You want to use peroxide-cured LCM-profiles? Not an issue for us as we have a wide range of compounds available. In addition to the compounds we have also slip-coating systems available for peroxide-cured LCM-profiles. 

If required our profiles can be coated online also with flock.

Furthermore an assembly regarding frames or lengths including cut-outs or drilled holes is possible.