Vehicle industry - agriculture sector

Seals for agriculture sector

Nowadays the farmer is supported during his work by various high grade electronical components.

To ensure a trouble-free function of these devices they need to be reliable protected from environmental influences such as dust, moisture and severe changes of temperature. Support these targets by using our high grade seals as a basis for your success. 

Higher requirements of the users require a wide range of possibilities concerning the development.

Regarding your specific application we are ideally positioned: 

Our experienced team of product developers in combination with our possibilities regarding simulation together with our extensive possibilities concerning reinforcing supports, adhesives and sealing compounds or surface treatment systems is the basis to find also for your application an ideal solution. 

You want to fix the seal by means of a self-adhesive tape for your application? We have a wide range of various self-adhesive tapes that can be used for a permanent fitting or as an assembly aid. 

During the assembly it is often reported that the liner can only be removed with problems. By means of the targeted implementation of economical starter tabs the liner can be removed without problems during the assembly. Whether you would like to use an additional starter tab, or a supernatant of the liner or a solution where the profile is punched up to the liner, we offer an extensive range of production possibilities to find an economical and optimal solution also for your application.

As reinforced materials we are using

  • punch strips
  • stamped metal strips
  • wire reinforced strips

delivered in a flat performance by certified suppliers.  

Before we are able to use the reinforced materials for the extrusion we have to shape it to an U-form by means of special bending tools regarding the required dimension and shape. 

To keep the tooling costs as low as possible we check already during the calculation process id we can use an already existing bending unit or a similar bending unit. 

High grade EPDM-profiles enable a flexible application even in cases of high temperature variations  (-35° to + 120° C.).

Surface refinements by means of our permanent and high grade slip-coating systems is intended to minimise the friction and as a freezing protection. 

If required our profiles can be coated online also with flock.

Furthermore an assembly regarding frames or lengths including cut-outs or drilled holes is possible.