Miscellaneous sectors of industry – filters

Seals for filters

By the increasing requirements of the filter industry that the media are becoming even more clean and without any further pollution are coming back in the original circulation the systems need to be as tight as possible.

Use our strong points as your advantage.

Our experienced team of product developers in combination with our possibilities regarding simulation together with our extensive possibilities concerning reinforcing supports, adhesives and sealing compounds or surface treatment systems is the basis to find also for your application an ideal solution. 

A coextrusion combining a soft sponge rubber area (sealing area) and a hard dense rubber area (fitting area) or even a sealing system using three different compounds is state of the art for us. 

A surface refinement by means of our high grade and permanent slip-coating systems lead to reduction of friction and freeze protection.

A soft sponge rubber area is leading to an excellent sealing function and by means of a hard dense rubber area makes the assembly of the seal easier and the disassembly of the seal more difficult and therefore a  slipping of the seal can be avoided.

By means of our high-grade EPDM-compounds we achieve an excellent ozone-, weather- and UV-resistance.