Material and specification

At Meteor we have our own compound development. Therefore we can adjust early on new requirements of our customers or associations and to allocate them our production.


The focus of our compound development and production lays on the following materials:

  • EPDM: ageing- weathering- and ozone resistance
  • NBR: oil-, grease- and acid resistance
  • Caused characteristics of EPDM and NBR
  • NR good physical properties
  • Silicone: good heat resistance
  • TPF: recyclebar, weldable



Scope of application

DIN 4201 B2Fire protection Building industry
DIN EN 45545-2Fire protectionBuilding industry
FMVss 302Fire protectionVehicle industry
ECE-R 118.01Fire protectionCommercial vehicle industry
LN 9115-5.5098Fire protectionAviation industry
DIN 7863-1Material propertiesBuilding industry
EN 12365Material propertiesBuilding industry
DIN 7865Material propertiesBuilding industry

Extract of actual specification covering a wide-range of Shore hardness according to Shore A, based upon upon our own compound development and production.