Environmental technology – wind energy sector

Seals for wind energy sector

The wind energy sector is the large-scale use of wind as a renewable energy source.

By using larger and larger wind turbines at new sites the requirements concerning seals increase from generation to generation. 

Not only regarding mainland but also regarding offshore our seals are used in various areas of the wind turbines. Depending on the location and on the application ozone-, weather- or oil-resistant compounds have to be used.

As reinforced materials we are using

  • punch strips
  • stamped metal strips
  • wire reinforced strips

delivered in a flat performance by certified suppliers.  

Before we are able to use the reinforced materials for the extrusion we have to shape it to an U-form by means of special bending tools regarding the required dimension and shape. 

To keep the tooling costs as low as possible we check already during the calculation process id we can use an already existing bending unit or a similar bending unit. 

High grade EPDM-profiles enable a flexible application even in cases of high temperature variations  (-35° to + 120° C.). 

High grade CR/NBR-compounds are used concerning their excellent oil-resistance.

Surface refinements by means of our high grade and permanent slip-coating systems are used for a reduction of friction.