Building industry – facades & windows

Seals for facades & windows

Seals regarding facades & windows by Meteor cannot be missed within the building industry since various decades.

Beside the well-known specifications 7863 and EN 12365 as well as in the area of isolation EN 143 our compounds meet also the requirements regarding EN 12667.

Because of our own compound development and production we are able to offer also compounds regarding other specifications.

Our experienced team of product developers and our possibilities concerning simulation in combination wide-ranging possibilities regarding reinforcing supports, adhesives and sealing materials and surface refinements are the basis fir an optimal seal.

A coextrusion combining a soft sponge rubber area (sealing area) and a hard dense rubber area (fitting area) is state of the art for us, offering and excellent fitting and sealing function.

Surface refinements by means of our high grade and permanent sealing systems lead to a minimisation of friction and as a freezing protection.

If required our profiles can be coated online also with flock.

High grade EPDM-profiles enable a flexible application even in cases of high temperature variations  (-35° to + 120° C.).

Furthermore an assembly regarding frames or lengths including cut-outs or drilled holes is possible.