Technical products

Meteor: one team concerning sealing solutions and that worldwide

As a longstanding system partner Meteor is responsible regarding development and series production of high-grade sealings concerning numerous applications. 


Worldwide well-known manufacturers benefit from our competence in development, simulation and series production. 

Meteor: much more then a seal…

For more then over 60 years we deliver seals regarding technical products whether seals concerning construction or building industry, electrical industry or air conditioning, railway or aviation industry and so on are concerned.


Our partners value us as a competent partner both in development and series production regarding simple and complex components.

Beside the standard profiles made out off dense and sponge rubber more and more complex material combinations come more and more into the focus. 

If hybrid- or TPE-profiles are concerned, reinforcing supports or additional surface treatments, or variable cross sections online, or foil coatings or applications of self-adhesive tapes during the process Meteor has the ability to show all the processes in our company concerning tailor-made sealing solutions. 

Meteor: our strong points are your advantage…

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