Testing in the watertightness installation

Testing in the watertightness installation

For an optimized product.

We are able to test the watertightness in all necessary requirements for the whole
car and for specified areas.

During the test the water volume flow rate, the water spraydirection and the orientation of the car (a slope of 15° in all directions) can be controlled in the view of a realistic test.
The control of the watertightness installation can be manipulated from the control panel or via remote control directly during the test in the car. This allows you to
observe  the waterflow from the inside of the car very proper.

Our watertightness installation is used for different OEM’s and can also be rent.
If you are interested in renting our installation please contact us.

The mobile spray portal allows further tests

High pressure nozzles, fixed, 80 bar (distance 10 – 30 cm)

High pressure nozzeles, slewable, 50 bar (distance approx. 60 cm)

Gush of water 35m³/h

Possible water volume flow:

2-3 l/m²/min = drizzling rain

20l/m²/min = steady rain

45l/m²/min = trope rain