Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing

For an optimal product

The target of our laboratories is to ensure the quality of the raw material and purchased parts used in the company as well as the quality of the end products for the customer. We use test to make the most reliable statements about the quality of the raw materials, purchased parts and end products. The inspection of the goods is one of the first steps in the production line to the final product. Raw materials and purchased parts are tested for their material properties. This makes it possible to ensure smooth and error-free production.

At the end of the manufacturing process, the testing of the end products is pending. This check is designed to ensure that the customer is supplied with faultless material.



In addition, we can do special tests in our laboratory, wich is divided between chemical and physical laboratories, wich are necessary for basic investigations or comparative measurements.


The laboratories are subject to quality management. There you will find further information about possible test procedures in our company.​​​​​​​