Tried and tested

Testing under real conditions

Meteor has extensive test procedures that are used during or at the end of a design phase. Through a variety of test methods, the prototype can (and will) prove before being released for series production. As one of only a few manufactures worldwide in our industry, we have a state-of-the-art watertightness testing system with which we can adjust various OEM-specific tests.


The following equipment are also available for testing components and vehicles:

  • Physical and chemical testing laboratory
  • Special friction test unit for determining surface friction
  • Stick-slip test
  • Measuring equipment to investigate the door closing process and the resulting forces
  • Acoustic simulation
  • Acoustic test equipment (including acoustic camera, artifical head measuring system and directional microphones)
  • Test unit for life-cycle testing
  • Multi-sensor measuring machine
  • 2D and 3D scanner
  • Years of experience in a wide range of tests through active support of our OEM´s at the renowned testing areas worldwide

Laboratory testing

Testing of raw material and purchased parts, product testing and monitoring.

Watertightness installation

Water volume flow rate, water spraydirection and the orientation of the car.

Measurement techniques

Meteor measuring and testing.