The simulation of today is tomorrow’s reality!

The production of high-end sealing systems requires high efforts in development. Finite Element simulation helps to ensure the product functionality and reduces the costs of prototype testing. 


Simulations are delivering information’s about the product behavior in an early stage of development. Due to this fact, the time phase of development projects is shortened significantly.  The simulation of mounting processes and future use conditions allows an exact prediction of the product behavior under consideration of possibly geometrical tolerances. The amount of later on sealing part trials and possible change loops is decreasing drastically. 

FE-optimized sealing parts are showing a higher product quality and extended lifetime. 

By cooperation’s with research institutes and universities we are optimizing our material models permanently.

Structural mechanics simulation

2D- 3D measurement methods, mounting and deformation behavior of our sealings.

Mold-flow simulation

Injection processes, flow fronts

Flow behavior simulation

Flow behavior of uncured rubber

Acoustic simulation

NVH-Analysis, sound transmission