Quality- and Environmental Management

Reliable quality

Robust processes to fulfill customer specific product and service requirements

The quality and environmental vision of our company is based on the following principles:


  • Only the customer defines, what quality is. 
  • Quality means, to understand and to exceed customer expectations
  • Quality starts on the management level
  • Quality concerns all employees
  • Quality and the conservation of our environment must be an integrated part of the product and process development
  • Quality is based on measurability and transparency
  • Quality and the environmentally friendly use of resources need to be continuously improveed

Therefore our company "lives" a permanent improvement process, to consume year by year less resources, which generates economical benefits, protects our environment and enables the provision of superior quality products.

To realize 0-defect strategy, every single employee of  Meteor contributes to quality assurance activities - whether she/he works in the product development, in the production or in the logistics department. We cooperate closely with our customers, partners and suppliers and review regularly the perception of our quality from customers point of view..

Sustainable success by strict application of our 0-defect strategy

Certified management systems for quality, environmental protection and energy saving