Examples of components

The mix does it

Components and their materials

The sealing systems of Meteor consist of a large number of components, which are already taken into account in the design. The most diverse materials contribute to a very large share to ensure the respective component function. Therefore the claim of Meteor is too the necessary mixtures developing by them self and manufactured these in the own mixing plant.

Of course we at Meteor are technically able to adapt the surfaces of our components to the respective functional requirements. This is realized by coating with flock or low friction coatings in various roughnesses. It is also possible for our process engineering departments to re-develop or further develop any necessary special coatings (i.o., anti-friction coatings) in order to meet specific temperature and humidity requirements.

Special features as such as the development and integration of metal or plastic inserts into molded parts and / or profiles are part of our daily work. Similarly, the development of mounting and fixing systems to facilitate the assembly of our components on site at the OEMs.
Brief overview of the most important sealing systems from Meteor, which can be traced back to many years of experience in conception, design and series support:

  • Sealing rail inner/outer
  • Edge protection – also available in colored version(EPDM material with textile surface or partial- full lamination)
  • Hood seal
  • Deck lid
  • All body-side seals for frameless door Coupes (2- or 4-doors)
  • All door-side seals for frameless door Coupes (2- or 4-doors)
  • All door-side seals for SUV, sedan, and more (2- or 4-doors)
  • All convertible top-side seals for convertibles (Hard top and soft top)