We pursue the entire approach

To ensure competitiveness, a team of engineers, chemists and technicians is developing and researching the use of new materials and manufacturing processes well ahead of future product applications (especially those with multiple overall functions).


Interdisciplinary teams examine the applicability of the project for the Meteor GmbH. In bilateral projects, we also involve universities, colleges, mechanical engineers and material manufacturers. This secure solutions that can be implemented immediately in the company. An established state gate process ensures the monitoring and control of the respective projects.

Complex technology for new products

When developing and designing new products, the Meteor GmbH relies on experienced engineers and the latest technology. Create solutions with the aid of CAD systems, such as Catia or Siemens NX that consider all aspects of a mass-produced product.


Even at this time, one can speak of tailor-made solutions, wich are checked and, if necessary, corrected in the further simulation and testing phases.

The latest rapid prototyping technologies enable the representation of components and components groups, furthermore of their package space.

In this way, we can give our customers a time advantage that is immediately noticeable.


2D- 3D simulation, flow behavior and mold-low simulation, acoustic simulation


Testing under real conditions.