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Internship for vocational orientation / School and student internship

While some of your classmates maybe already know what they want to work on later you are still searching and do not know what kind of job could be pleasant to you? In this case an internship could be very helpful because you will not find your dream job coincidentally during big break at school.

What actually is going on in an industrial company? Which activities need to be done? And would this kind of activity be one I could imagine for my own professional life in future? An internship with us is just the right way to find an answer to this question.

With an internship at Meteor you have the chance to become more familiar with the different facets of working life, to get a whiff of different departments and gather qualified experiences.

With a school or student internship we offer you insights in the different jobs and the chance to talk to our employees about the reason for their career choice and the things they burn for in their jobs.

For you that means to be fully integrated in the day-to-day business, to „lend a hand“ and handle tasks by yourself. During your time with us you will have a supervisor and of coursemany kind colleagues, who stand by your side. Every kind of practical experience gives you an advantage for the start into the working life or for the orientation with your career choice. For your first career steps we offer you many interesting opportunities at Meteor.

You also have the chance to absolve EQJ with us that means an entry qualification for teenager within a long-term internship.


Internship for study / bachelor´s and master´s thesis

If you do not want to sit only in university lectures or you have to absolve a duty internship, we can offer you varied opportunities to collect experiences in your field of study.

No matter if you need a pre or basic internship, practical semester or already your bachelor or master thesis: field of work and project topics can be matched individually with your needs of the study or career wishes. With a project work or a student research project you can support us by managing our challenges and at the same time you bring yourself forward.

Project thesis for graduates of technical school

Also to the prospective technicians we offer opportunities to create the project-related thesis with us. Usually we define a topic for it. We will be glad to inform you about the project topics which are currently available.

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