Employee's Voices

Olaf Reipert

Chairman of Works Council

16 years with Meteor

In 2004 my career at Meteor began. My first stage was the inhouse transport and as a shift supervisor in finishing. After successful examination of industrial master craftsman qualification I took over the supervisor responsibilities in finishing in 2005 and in 2010 in the technical department. Since April 2014 I am a member of works council, initially as Deputy Chairman and since 2018 as Chairman of Works Council and also as Representative of Disabled Employees. On this occasion I represent the interests of all employees of the company in compliance of legal provisions and company agreements. I appreciate my diverse and communicative work with all employees of the company and every day I look forward to the new demanding challenges!

Carolin Hinz

CAD Designer

22 years with Meteor

I started my career at Meteor with an apprenticeship for technical draftswoman.

Due to the fact that the company offers seminars and training courses so that I had the chance to develop professionally, I work as CAD designer in product development at Meteor today.

The flexibility in working times allows me to combine family and job in a satisfying way.