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Dual Curriculum at Meteor

Dual Curriculum

What is it and how does it work?

The main idea of the dual curriculum is based on a balanced relationship between the theoretical knowledge acquisition and the application of the learned in practice. To realize this idea it is necessary to have companies on one site where the practical work takes place and universities or vocational academies on the other site where the theoretical knowledge is given in lectures. The theoretical and the practical phases change in regular intervals.


That way in the end of the study time you did not only receive an accepted Bachelor or Master graduation, but you also have practical work experience, which is much appreciated in the world of employment. A fixed remuneration during the period of study is another advantage of the dual curriculum.

At Meteor accepted educational apprenticeships are integrated in the practical phases of the dual study, that means you earn in an average study time of 7 semester two qualifications. Basically we train young people for our future personnel needs.We want to offer an adequate workplace to every apprentice and student, following a successful graduation.


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