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Although seals primarily have to fulfill technical requirements, they are not only a constructive component of an automobile. Therefore, Meteor GmbH products also perfectly match the aesthetic appearance in their external appearance.


A distinction is made in modern sealing systems between statically and dynamically loaded systems. Each of these systems has to fulfill different requirements, which require the use of appropriate materials, sealing profiles, surface coatings, fastening systems and assembly techniques.

Static loaded sealings are those sealing systems used in the area of fixed, non-moving parts, such as:

  • Fixed side window seal
  • Joint seal
  • Seals in the area of rain- or roof strips

Sealing systems between movable body parts, which are thus repeatedly moved and compressed or relieved when opening and closing doors, windows and convertible tops as well as sunroofs, are referred to as dynamically loaded seals.

These are:

  • Engine compartment sealing system
  • Door sealing systems in sedans, coupes, SUVs and convertibles
  • Window guide seals
  • Mirror triangles
  • Door gap seal
  • Decklit/Rear door
  • Convertible systems