Door and gate systems

Let us make your doors!

They are large or small, electric or manual, lockable or always open - but all modern door and gatesystems have one thing in common: a good (rubber) seal. This precisely lines gaps and prevents the penetration of wind, rain and dust.
We at Meteor GmbH mainly use high-quality EPDM profiles for this purpose. But of course we also carry a selection of NBR, silicone and TPE profiles.
In addition to our duplex profiles consisting of a soft and a harder section for doors with low closing forces, we also offer durable (industrial) door seals.
Surface finishes are used for easier final assembly on the one hand, and for friction reduction and freeze protection on the other.
With the help of our simulationsoftware, we can identify potential defects in advance and thus save valuable time as well as costs. 

No matter what type of door or gate you want to seal: Our experts are always on hand to advise you, from planning and development to production with any modifications, right through to delivery.